Last week of 2022

 LAST WEEK OF THE YEAR! We enter the week when the Moon is in Aquarius. While reviewing the year 2022, being related to social issues and events, rights, freedoms, important information that will interest other people, technology, science-related issues and events, all kinds of projects and plans that we will make together with our social environment, friendships and other people will be in effect this week. but I can say that we will mainly be interested in issues and events that will concern the whole world. We can say that the 8th house area on the map of Turkey, loans, taxes, interests and cooperation with other countries, monetary pricing to be obtained from them, as well as money-related issues and events will leave their mark this week. The most important event of this week, as of December 29, Mercury is preparing for the last retrograde of the year. With Mercury retrograde, we will say hello to the new year. Venus has a positive aspect with Neptune on Wednesday, all kinds of so